Wednesday, March 25

The Patience of Grandmothers

One day I was sitting on the couch, coloring with my grandson. I was "in the moment" with him. My mind wasn't chanting at me about the work I wasn't doing, or throwing problems at me that I needed to fix RIGHT then. I was coloring. 

Why is it easier to be patient as a grandmother? I think it's because we have watched our children grow into adults, and we KNOW how fast the time flies. I now know that those moments of play when it's just the two of us won't last long. The morning snuggles are precious because before we know it, toddlers become big kids. Sure, there are new wonders to discover together, and no diapers to change as kids mature, which is cool. Still, those first years are gone in a flash.  I've been through it three times and still can't believe how fast the time seems to fly. 

As a grandmother,  I don't take things for granted. I MAKE time to color, even though the laundry isn't finished, and the dishes don't wash themselves. I can do those chores on the days Little Man is with his mom or dad. 

Will I still have patience when I have two, or three, or six grandchildren? 

Bring it on.


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