Sunday, September 10

Nasturtiums: Edible, Easy and Colorful

I've grown nasturtiums for years and years, yet I never get tired of these cheerful, edible blooms. This year was the best...some years I've had more leaves and less blooms. This year was the perfect mix. 

This nasturtium was a brilliant red.

The peach colored nasturtiums are so pretty. They are all just a little bit 
different as far as the shades of cream and orange.

I went out to the garden one morning as it started to sprinkle, and took a picture of the yellow nasturtiums. The drops of rain looked like jewels against the soft yellow blooms.

I grew them in the herb bed and a container garden. Both grew quickly and are still blooming into September. I have a lot of seeds developing, which should sprout next summer.

If you haven't tried nasturtiums, give them a try next spring!


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