Monday, November 5

NaBloPoMo: Type Your Heart Out

I'd been wanting to combine my blogs and use this as my main writing outlet. I saw the information on NaBloPoMo and decided to jump on the wagon and get my blogging geek on for the month as a way to get The Harvest Moon Gazette up and running.  

What will I be blogging about?  Cooking, herbs, living in the country, books and the craziness of my life with a husband who is an RN, a 12 year old daughter, a 19 year son in college, an 18 year old son working on figuring out his life with a baby on the way and his 20 year old girlfriend who's become a part of our family.  We mix it up with teenage friends that stop by frequently, inside and outside feline friends that snare our hearts and visits from family.  I think you'll find it entertaining, perhaps even humorous on those occasions that my head explodes.

To start off the month, I have a group of pictures I took during my walks around our property in the county. We live on ten acres in Michigan where fall is welcome, thought rather fleeting, especially when the winds blow the leaves off the trees faster than we can blink. The nights are getting down into the 30's and the days rarely reach 50 degrees.  On a sunny day it's still nice enough to enjoy a walk outside.


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