Monday, May 27

New Beginnings

Spring has been a time a new beginnings for my family, and myself.  In March our first grandchild was born, and while he may have came into our life much earlier than we anticipated, he is a joy to everyone who meets him.  

To me, he is a reminder of the miracle of life and the roller coaster ride that is parenthood. He lifts my spirits by just being in this world, and I couldn't image our life without him.  Yes, his parents are young, 19 and 20, but my son holds his son and I know he will be a wonderful father. His mother shines when she sees her baby, and I know while she is unsure of many things,  she is sure of her love for him. Life is full of surprises that shape us, and changes are constant. Family should be the one thing we can all trust in, and I think we have that in our home.

Spring has brought color to my little ten acre world, and I've already sowed annual seeds and started buying bargain trees and shrubs.  I'm adding three new gardens: a butterfly and hummingbird garden, a woodland garden, and a new herb bed. I'm also moving my raised bed for vegetables and trying vertical gardening this year. Below is some of the plants blooming on our property. 

I'm writing for two websites, and I'm getting ready to start a rather large editing project.  I have edited for other writers in the past, and have really enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to this project. I've taken a break from my fiction projects in order to focus on my freelance writing.  I haven't given up, but making a living is a priority right now.  Plus, writing nonfiction is also important to improving my skills in general. 


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